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鈼?Company Profile
Entex Filtration is a brand of Jielv Enviromental Protection Co.,Ltd. Entex Filtration offers products to meet all baghouse needs for global customers, main products contain:
1) Dust Filter Bags: PP, Polyester, Polyester Antistatic, Polyester Waterproof & Oil Repellent Antistatic, PPS, Aromatic Polyamideimide(P84), Acrylic, Nomex, Glass Fiber, FMS, PTFE needle felt dust filter bags.
2) Liquid Filteration: PP/PE/Nylon filter bags, PP melt blown filter cartridges, string wound filter cartridges, membrane pleated cartridges, activated carbon filters and filter housing etc.
Entex Filtration is trying best to take away dust from air, to promote the development of environmental protection, and to serve the companies who need bag filter system parts and related products.
鈼?Factory History
Entex Filtration is committed to provide the highest quality filtration products and the most suitable solutions for different application needs from global customers since 2015.
鈼?Industry Solutions
We can offer updated ideas to provide a more efficient filter solution for your application. This could include advice on the technical properties of the fibers used in order to extend the replacement life of a filter bag.
鈼?Fitting and Maintenance
Our skilled service engineers team offer a full fitting and maintenance service for the filter bags.
鈼?Customize and Response
The products can be designed to customer specifications upon request. We also offer a 24 hour emergency service and can respond to urgent orders.
鈼?CertificateCartridge Filters manufacturers

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