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Brief Introduction
Qingdao Guolin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1994, which is a high-tech enterprise based on advanced ozone technology and is ranked as the leading ozone system suppliers in China. Guolin is engaged in ozone generation mechanism research, ozone equipment design and manufacture, ozone application project design, installation, debugging, operation and maintenance for water treatment project, waste water treatment project and flue gas denitrification project.
With more than 20 years of development, Qingdao Guolin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has become the globally known professional ozone equipment manufacturer and ozone system supplier all over the world.
Our Main Product
1kg/h-150kg/h large ozone generator, 100g/h-1kg/h middle ozone generator, 5g/h-100g/h small ozone generator, high concentration ozone dissolved water machine, ozone disinfector, swimming pool ozone generator.
Ozone generation tank, PSA oxygen generator, adsorption air dryer, pressure gas storage tank, ozone destructor,oxidation tower. Guolin has design and manufacture certificate of pressure vessel D1 and D2.
Special dry type transformer with capacitive loads(special use for ozone generator), inline reactor, smoothing reactor, air-core reactor , and other types of control transformers.
Crystalglyoxalic acid-----glyoxalic acid monohydrate, purity is higher than 98%; not include glyoxal; mainly used for intermediate product of spice, pharmacy and chemical product.
Needle selection ceramic piece of weft knitting machine, piezoelectric pump, transducer of tyre balance instrument, ultrasonic atomization ceramic piece, ultrasonic detector ceramic piece, thermal flow meter ceramic piece, bending vibration ceramic piece, piezoelectric generation ceramic piece.
Our History
2000-02-01 “Double cooling ozone generation tank” researched and developed independently by Guolin was obtained National Utility New Model Patent;
2001-08-01 “Connected type high-voltage electrode with enamel coating” and “large ozone generator generation tank” developed by Guolin won the National Utility Models Patents.
2002-06-02 Qingdao Research Center of Ozone Applied Engineering Technology was founded, which is approved by Qingdao Municipal Science and Technology Commission
2005-05-06 “20kg/h ozone generator development project” was listed as “2005 National Torch Plan Project” by National Science and Technology Bureau.
2008-10-24 “50kg/h Large Ozone Generator” developed by Guolin passed the Scientific and Technological Achievements Evaluation of Ministry of Construction. Guolin become the third manufacturer in the world which can produce ozone generator with capacity above 50kg/h.
2011-11-13 Guolin won the bidding of Shanghai Petrochemical catalytic cracking catalyst of heavy oil project with 5 sets of 80kg/h ozone system. This is the biggest ozone system applied in flue gas denitrification industry in the world.
2012-06-09 “Large (120kg/h) ozone generator research and development project” passed the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of the People’s Republic of China(MOHURD) and reached the international advanced level.
In October, Guolin won the bidding of Shi Jiazhuang Qiaodong Waste Water Plant with 5 sets of 120kg/h ozone system project for waste water treatment and become the largest ozone system used in water treatment project in the world.
2014-11-17 Guolin finished the second stage production base with 55000square meters. Until now, Guolin has the largest ozone production base in the world with total 88800 square meters (area of structure: 54000 square meters).
Our Values
Mission: Developing ozone technology,casting green industry
Vision: Become global largest ozone system supplier and supply stable and advanced product which could create value.
Value: Become a person who can create value, become an enterprise which is worthy of being respected.
Belief: sincere, realistic, high efficiency, innovation
View of talent: cultivate talents who are helpful to enterprise at grassroots level, elevate staff who have both ability and moral integrity from grassroots level.
Logo explanation: Sun, forest, Earth. China Ozone Generator For Cleaning Vegetables

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