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About Us
◆ Our History
Yixing Juqiang new material Technology co.,Ltd is located in our famous hometown of environmental protection-Yixing jiangsu. We are a composite manufacturer of glass fiber grating products, carbon fiber products, research and development, design, production and sales. Our product is including: Fiber glass grating, pultrusion grating, Phenolic aldehyde pultrusion grating, wood floor grating and all kinds of hand paste products and so on.
Yixing Juqiang new material Technology co.,Ltd is founded in 2017, which the comany get the approval of EIA. Our company adopts strictly controlled production process and quality management system to ensure the innovation, rigor and product quality stability of technology research and development. The company is based on the principles of technology, quality, craftsmanship and customer supremacy. It develops and grows with the concept of excellent product quality, customer satisfaction and trust. Yixing Juqiang new material Technology co.,Ltd has passed the international authoritative testing organizations Intertek (Group) fire mechanical test and ASTM E84 test. The test results show that the quality of the product meets the excellent mechanical properties and fire retardant A-grade performance of the North American glass steel grille.
The fiberglass grating produced by our company sells to all countries and regions of the world, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, France, Taiwan and so on. Because of its excellent quality, persistent craftsman spirit and speedy delivery service, it has been recognized by our customers at home and abroad and gradually established long-term and stable partnership.
Yixing Juqiang new material Technology co.,Ltd with craftsman spirit and professional workmanship, step by step, continuously enhance the strength of enterprises and accumulate customer resources, and work together to cooperate sincerely and work together to create brilliant future.
◆ Our Factory
Our factory is located in Yixing economic and Technological Development Park, have the approval of EIA, can make sure the continuous production. We have the different size tooling on making frp grating. Our workers have the rich experience on making fiber glass grating, can make sure all our products have high and same quality.
◆ Our Product
Fiber glass grating ,pultrusion grating,Phenolic aldehyde pultrusion grating,wood floor grating
◆ Product Application
Petrochemical, textile printing, shipbuilding industry, food processing, electronic products, sewage treatment, Staircase anti slide plate, operating platform and so on.
◆ Our Certificate
Have the approval of EIA, Intertek Mechanical test and ASTM E84 fire proof test.
◆ Production Equipment
Different size tooling on making the FRP grating.
◆ Production Market
Except the china local business, our product also sell to the America, Japan, Germany, France and so on.
◆ Our Service
We have the professional staff follow the project until you receive our goods and using.
Any doubts we are happy assisting to solve with you.Molded Grating suppliers

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