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Molybdenum-tungsten alloy is composed of molybdenum and tungsten, which has excellent performance of resistance to molten zinc corrosion, high melting point, good anti-erosion performance and good resistance to flame erosion of solid particles.

Areas of Application
With liquid zinc corrosion-resistant performance, molybdenum-tungsten alloys are mainly used for producing some corrosion-resistant parts for liquid zinc temperature measurement tubes, heating electrode pipes, zinc solution pump rotors and zinc-smelting furnace. It can also be used to make crucibles of molybdenum-tungsten alloy for sapphire growth.
Product Specifications
CISRI-AT&M Refractory Metal Materials adopts isostatic molding technology to customize various large-sized and special-shaped molybdenum-tungsten products according to customer needs. Currently our main specifications include:
Production Process
After many years of study together with renowned enterprises in China, we have ultimately determined the optimum tungsten and molybdenum proportion technology for corresponding use environment, ensuring that we can provide the most suitable products with high-performance for customer use.
Company Advantages
1. We are the first enterprise in China engaged in researches and production of tungsten-molybdenum alloy and we have mature and stable technology and technical;
2. We've cooperated with our high-end hot galvanizing customers in need of tungsten-molybdenum alloy tubes for many years, and our product performance has been continuously improved;
3. We have a professional technical team which can provide you with full set of molybdenum alloy application solutions.China Refractory Metal And Ceramics Products

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